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Daily Maverick Op-Ed: Our new lost generation

23 June 2015  |  Murray Leibbrandt and Pippa Green

In South Africa, the intense struggle that followed the youthful uprising of 1976 aimed to create a South African Dream – a new country with new prospects for the generations ahead. Today, 21 years after the end of Apartheid, as the youth of the 1976 uprising slide into middle age, how real is that dream for the post-Apartheid youth?  Read more...

 Our new lost generation


The Conversation: Apartheid continues to cast shadow on equality of opportunity

9 June 2015  |  Patrizio Piraino

Countries with a more unequal distribution of income tend to have less economic mobility from one generation to the next. This relationship is often referred to as the “Great Gatsby Curve”. Generational mobility refers to the extent to which individuals have the opportunity to succeed economically regardless of the background of their parents. There is growing global evidence on the nature of this relationship as well as on unequal access to opportunities in general. This has helped shine more light on the continued persistence of inequality. Read more...



SALDRU Affiliate, David Lam, to direct University of Michigan Institute for Social Research

David LamDavid Lam, SALDRU Affiliate and Honorary Professor in the School of Economics, was appointed by the Regents of the University of Michigan to be the 8th director of the Institute. David has the academic, administrative and personal qualities as well as the knowledge of ISR and its unique culture necessary to help ISR do what it does best – reimagine social science in the public interest. Read more...


Why is South Africa still so unequal?

May 2015

Murray Leibbrandt recently contributed to a BBC report on the very high levels of inequality in South Africa: 

The violent riots on the streets of South Africa in recent weeks have seen foreigners killed, their shops looted and 5,000 left homeless. They are accused of taking jobs from locals in a country where high unemployment is a big concern - and an example of the gaping chasm that remains between rich and poor. So 21 years after Nelson Mandela pledged to liberate all South Africans from the continuing bondage of poverty and deprivation, why is South Africa one of the most unequal societies on the planet. Listen to the podcast here...


Seminar Series

No SALDRU seminar this week
8 July 2015
This week's seminar, presented by Gerald Kibira, has been postponed until after the vacation. The next seminar will take place next week Thursday. Details to follow.

Journal Articles

• Poverty and land redistribution

Malcolm Keswell and Michael R. Carter


 Male circumcision and sexual risk behaviours may contribute to considerable ethnic disparities in HIV prevalence in Kenya: An ecological analysis

Chris Richard Kenyon, Lung Vu, Joris Menten and Brendan Maughan-Brown


• The economic consequences of AIDS mortality in South Africa generations
Cally Ardington, Till Barnighausen, Anne Case and Alicia Menendez


• Partner age differences and concurrency in South Africa: Implications for HIV-infection risk among young women
Brendan Maughan-Brown, Chris Kenyon and Mark Lurie

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