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Higher wages do more to lift growth than company profits

15 January 2016  |  BD Live

One of the most polarising issues in the quest to tackle inequality has been the debate over the introduction of a national minimum wage. Among the major causes of inequality are income and asset disparities, and not necessarily only unemployment. It stands to reason, then, that the suggested wage policy would be expected to have an effect on income inequality and thus narrow the wage gap and asset (tangible and intangible) deficits that have reproduced much of the inequality we fret about. Read more.


State has plan to trim obesity by 10%

11 January 2016  |  BD Live

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has plans to put South Africans on a diet and aims to reduce obesity by at least 10% during the next few years. SA has been singled out as one of the three fattest nations in the world in research conducted by pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline last year. According to the Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Obesity in SA, the government will start campaigning for laws imposing a sugar and fat tax. Read more.


SALDRU PhD Graduations

A bumper crop of 11 SALDRU Graduate Associates graduated in December 2015. Congratulations to all!

SALDRU graduates 2015


SALDRU Associate wins the 2015 Alan Pifer Award

Ingrid Woolard white backgroundFollowing a nomination by Professor Murray Leibbrandt, Professor Ingrid Woolard has been awarded the Alan Pifer Research Award for 2015. This Vice Chancellor’s award is made annually in recognition of outstanding research that demonstrates relevance to the advancement and welfare of South Africa’s disadvantaged people. In his nomination, Prof Leibbrandt highlighted the fact that Ingrid has made a number of notable contributions to the analysis of poverty and inequality, and unemployment in South Africa, and that she has used her data to undertake a number of highly influential research papers to carry her work through to official policy work. Congratulations Ingrid! 

Seminar Series

The next seminar will take place on 17 February 2016. Details to follow.

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