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Africa Check: Separating myth from reality - a guide to social grants in South Africa

Daily Maverick, 5 February 2015

Africa Check: Separating myth from reality - a guide to social grants in South AfricaIn South Africa, few subjects elicit as much debate and opinion as the country's extensive social welfare programme. Does it indeed make people "lazy" and "dependent"? And is South Africa headed for a financial cliff because of it? The number of social grants recipients in South Africa has increased exponentially over the past twenty years: from an estimated 4-million in 1994 to 16.3-million by 31 August last year. In recent years a growing chorus of voices have warned that the numbers are not sustainable. Read more...

South Africa: Love Is Blind - the Youth Wage Subsidy and the South African Media

19 February 2015  |

Some media houses are cheerleading for the youth wage subsidy, despite the available evidence strongly suggesting that it is already a R2bn waste of public money. Among others, Moneyweb claimed that it was "providing relief for young job seekers" while Business Day's report downplayed the negative evidence. However, research by Vimal Ranchhod and Arden Finn of SALDRU shows that the policy, which came into effect on 1 January 2014, "did not have any statistically significant and positive effects on youth employment probabilities". Their research, they say, establishes a "fairly precisely estimated 'zero effect'." Read more...


Francis Wilson awarded the 2014 Worcester Peace Award

As the director of the 3rd Carnegie Conference on Poverty held at the University of Cape Town in 2012, Prof Wilson facilitated the partnership between the Carnegie 3 Inquiry on Poverty & Inequality Initiative and the Worcester Hope Francis Wilsonand Reconciliation Process which enabled the development of a community-led strategy for the rollout of the National Development Plan as a restitution intervention within Worcester. It is for this initiative that Worcester Hope and Reconciliation decided to award its 2014 Worcester Peace Award to Prof Francis Wilson at the Annual Peace Table of the Worcester Hope and Reconciliation Process.

Murray Leibbrandt elected to Research Fellow of UCT

murray leibbrandt 1In December 2014, Murray Leibbrandt was elected by the Senate to be a Research Fellow, an honour which recognises sustained and original contributions through research or creative endeavour. He joins Don Ross and Rob Dorrington as Fellows in the Faculty Commerce. 


Seminar Series

The next seminar will take place on Wednesday 4 March 2015. Details to follow shortly.

Journal Articles

• Poverty and land redistribution

Malcolm Keswell and Michael R. Carter


• Military expenditure, economic growth and structural instability: a case study of South Africa


Goodness C. Aye, Mehmet Balcilar, John P. Dunne, Rangan Gupta and Reneé van Eyden


 Male circumcision and sexual risk behaviours may contribute to considerable ethnic disparities in HIV prevalence in Kenya: An ecological analysis

Chris Richard Kenyon, Lung Vu, Joris Menten and Brendan Maughan-Brown


• The economic consequences of AIDS mortality in South Africa generations
Cally Ardington, Till Barnighausen, Anne Case and Alicia Menendez


• Partner age differences and concurrency in South Africa: Implications for HIV-infection risk among young women
Brendan Maughan-Brown, Chris Kenyon and Mark Lurie

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