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Fighting Poverty: Labour markets and inequality in South Africa

15 April 2015  |  Alan Pifer Award

It was a time of high hopes and expectations as the ANC took the reins in a peaceful transition of power. The challenges for the new government were immense. The ANC was now tasked with breaking down the barriers of access to the wealth and employment opportunities previously reserved for whites only. But, just as a doctor cannot prescribe medication for a patient unless she knows exactly what ails him, so too can government not draw up successful policy without deeper insight into the causes of the problems. lt was at this juncture where the data-driven research undertaken by Professor Murray Leibbrandt and Professor Haroon Bhorat filled a critical vacuum for policy-making.

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Opinion: Has Zuma's government done "a good job"?

23 March 2015  |  Africa Check

President Jacob Zuma’s government has done “a good job of stabilising the economy and investing in infrastructure to propel the economy into the next phase of growth, while investing in improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable”. This is one of the central claims made by Jeff Radebe – Minister in the Presidency responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluation – in an article defending the president’s performance. Radebe listed a number of achievements he attributed to Zuma and the government. Are his statements based on reality? Africa Check assessed them. Read more...


Upcoming courses

A number of joint SALDRU & DataFirst courses are coming up later this year. A full brochure with details on the upcoming courses is available here.

  • Introduction to Stata, June 17-19, 2015. More information  |  Apply online
  • Understanding Complex Social Survey Data, 22-26 June 2015. More information  |  Apply online
  • Measuring Economic Welfare, 29 June - 10 July, 2015 (this is a 10 day course). More information  |  Apply online
  • Understanding the South African Labour Market, 16 - 20 November, 2015. Applications will open in due course. Queries can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Measuring Consumption, 23 - 27 November, 2015. Applications will open in due course. Queries can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

SALDRU DataFirst

Seminar Series

Location, search costs and youth unemployment: A randomized trial of transport subsidies in Ethiopia
29 April 2015
The next SALDRU seminar will be presented by Simon Franklin, a former UCT Economics student. He is finishing a Phd at the University of Oxford, and will begin work as Post-Doctoral Researcher at the London School of Economics in June 2015.
Do high search costs affect the labour market outcomes of young job seekers living far from the centre of cities? Temporary and non-fungible transport subsidies are randomly assigned to unemployed youth living in spatially dislocated areas of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lowering transport costs increases the intensity of job search, and increases the likelihood of finding permanent employment by 6 percentage points in the short run. Search activity declines over time but the subsidies prevent this from happening in the treatment group. The subsidies reduce participation in temporary and informal work, suggesting an important role for alternative sources of income to support job seekers. These results are explained with a dynamic model of job search with savings, cash constraints and monetary search costs. The predictions of the model are quantitatively consistent with the estimated impacts on increased job search activity, and in turn the rates at which jobs are found. These results suggest that the cost of transport in large cities can lead to frictions in the matching of firms and workers and reinforce spatial inequality.
Lunch: 12.30-13.00, Staff Lounge, 4th floor, Economics Building
Seminar: 13.00-14.00, Seminar Room, adjacent to Staff Lounge

Journal Articles

• Poverty and land redistribution

Malcolm Keswell and Michael R. Carter


 Male circumcision and sexual risk behaviours may contribute to considerable ethnic disparities in HIV prevalence in Kenya: An ecological analysis

Chris Richard Kenyon, Lung Vu, Joris Menten and Brendan Maughan-Brown


• The economic consequences of AIDS mortality in South Africa generations
Cally Ardington, Till Barnighausen, Anne Case and Alicia Menendez


• Partner age differences and concurrency in South Africa: Implications for HIV-infection risk among young women
Brendan Maughan-Brown, Chris Kenyon and Mark Lurie

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