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South Africa's 5 million working poor

26 August 2015  |  GroundUp

GroundUp 26 Aug 2015A study by University of Cape Town economist Arden Finn to determine the wage level at which a worker and his or her family could be brought up to the poverty line found R4,125 was the carefully qualified answer. Unsurprisingly, 95% of those employed in domestic services and 90% of those in agriculture earn less than this. About half of those employed in manufacturing and transport also earn below the working-poor line. Read more...


Wage carrot yet to prove its worth

20 August 2015 | Business Report

Business Report 2015 0820In a statement from early January, the Treasury provided the public with some hard numbers about South Africa’s year-old Youth Employment Tax Incentive (ETI). The Treasury lauded the success of the programme, noting that 270 000 young people, and 29 000 employers, were benefiting from the government’s ambitious plan to alleviate youth unemployment. Take-up of the incentive was “higher than expected”, according to the Treasury, and the positive impact of the programme was widely publicised. However, a study using data from the nationally representative Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) has found that the job prospects faced by young workers did not improve significantly last year, despite the high take-up of the incentive. Read more...


Applications open: UCT Summer Training Programme in Social Science Research using Household Survey Data

Applications are now open for our annual Summer Training Programme. The course is 2 weeks long, and will run from 11 - 22 January 2016. The course is designed for university students or graduates seeking further training in statistics and survey analysis using Stata.

The course is offered free of charge and there is limited financial aid in the form of free accommodation and a transport subsidy available to those who live outside of the Western Cape. Applications close on 16 October 2015. Please see here for more information on the course.


Statistical Analysis of Census and Survey Data using Stata

 Accra, 21-31 July 2015

Ghana course 2015 photoDuring the second half of July, SALDRU researchers worked with academics from the University of Ghana and the University of Cape Coast to deliver a two-week training programme on the use of Stata. The course was attended by 25 participants from Government ministries and academia, including PhD students. The training focused on data management with Stata, and the analysis of survey and time series datasets with the software.  

Seminar Series

The next SALDRU seminar will take place on 9 September 2015. Details to follow.

Working Papers

• South African poverty lines: a review and two new money-metric thresholds

Joshua Budlender, Murray Leibbrandt and Ingrid Woolard


• Does tenure insecurity explain the variations in land-related investment decisions in rural Ethiopia?

Mbhuba Shifa, Murray Leibbrandt and Martin Wittenberg


• Fertility and mother's labour market behaviour: Evidence from the 2011 South African Census

Cally Ardington, David Lam, Murray Leibbrandt & Alicia Menendez

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