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Tough school for jobless

13 February 2017  |  Dispatch Live

South Africa’s youth unemployment rates are now considered to be chronic. The latest figures show that about 48% of South Africans between 15 and 34 were unemployed in the third quarter of 2016. The situation has worsened over the past eight years despite a great deal of policy attention and the implementation of a range of public and private interventions. Read more...


Populism will not fix problems of economy

9 February 2017  |  Business Day

Research findings show poor education that hinders young people is a central source of inequality in SA, write Murray Leibbrandt and Pippa Green. Read more...



Latest SALDRU Newsletter

This edition of the newsletter has a special focus on the Economics of Tobacco Control Project, housed in SALDRU. You will also find an update on current working papers and journal articles, recent seminars, and new policy briefs.  Read More.


Seminar Series

Seminar, 15 February: The Impact of Unconditional Cash Transfers on Informality: Evidence from South Africa's Child Support Grant

This Wednesday's seminar will be presented by Alessandro Tondini. Alessandro is a PhD candidate at the Paris School of Economics and a PODER fellow at the University of Cape Town, within the SALDRU research unit.

Abstract: The debate over the nature of informal employment and its implications for policy is still open and controversial. One of the main questions remains whether informality is a necessity or a choice. This paper looks at the Child Support Grant (CSG) in South Africa as a case study to test the importance of the "necessity channel" in a segmented labour market. I use cohort discontinuities in access to the grant to evaluate the impact of the CSG on workers' allocation across the formal and informal sector.  Read more.

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