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Why Mark Schussler is wrong about inequality

22 July 2014  |  Gilad Isaacs, Ground Up

website imagePopular economist Mike Schussler’s recently published article distorts the available statistical evidence to buttress a bizarre argument with three prongs: firstly that inequality in South Africa is overstated, secondly that our inequality is largely a result of unemployment as opposed to the wage gap among those working, and thirdly that the cause of high unemployment is militant labour organisations. However, leading studies on inequality in South Africa, many of which come from SALDRU, are unequivocal: inequality is extremely high and increasing and wage inequality is a key culprit. Read more...

 When bad people do good surveys

3 July 2014 | Markus Goldstein, World Bank Development Impact Blog

If you would rather not think about where our data come from and what might be wrong with them, you should stop reading this post now. But if you do, an interesting new paper by Arden Finn and Vimal Ranchhod gives us a lot to think about. Read more...


Overcoming Poverty and Inequality
Guide to Carnegie3 Conference

In September 2012, UCT hosted a 5 day conference entitled, “Towards Carnegie3: Strategies to Overcome Poverty & Inequality”. The conference launched the Carnegie3 Inquiry, at the request of the National Planning Commission, bringing together people from a range of backgrounds to share ideas and models for effective action in eliminating poverty and significantly reducing inequality. The Guide identifies the main themes running through the conference, notes each contribution briefly, discusses areas needing further research and points out some of the major gaps that have emerged.

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