Poverty and Inequality Initiative Highlights Enduring Trauma of Apartheid

The wounds of apartheid-era violence and doctrinarism still cut deep into the consciousness of its victims 23 years after its demise.

Recently UCT’s Poverty and Inequality Initiative highlighted three aspects of apartheid’s enduring legacy in the print media: the impact of the Group Areas Act on arts and culture, the on-going trauma of those who lost family members to police brutality and the yet unresolved question of spatial justice.

Three articles, Cinema Cuts through the Divides of Apartheid, Family Still Dealing with Trojan Horse Shooting Pain and On Closing the Gap of Spatial Inequality, written by SALDRU associate professor, Pippa Green, were published by the Business Day between April and July. SALDRU’s director, Murray Leibbrandt, is the Pro-Vice Chancellor of UCT’s Poverty and Inequality Initiative.