New SALDRU Working Papers Focus on Social Cohesion and Inequality in South Africa

Image courtesy PBA Health

For the last year and a half some of SALDRU’s researchers have been working as part of a partnership between researchers from the French Development Agency (AFD), UCT’s Poverty and Inequality Initiative and the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation on “Social Cohesion, Inequality and Inclusive Development”. This research investigated the consequences of South Africa’s high inequality for social cohesion in our society. It went on to explore the need to confront and address inequality as a key part of forging a more cohesive society.

The project was funded by the AFD. A final event is scheduled for 8 February 2018 in Philippi in which major findings will be presented and engaged with by key stakeholders. In preparation for this event, the research output from the project has been published as six SALDRU working papers, which you can find below.

Defining social cohesion

From definition to measurement: constructing a social cohesion index for South Africa

Social cohesion and inequality in South Africa

Spatial poverty and inequality in South Africa: A municipality level analysis

Exploring South Africans’ understanding of social cohesion

The gap between rich and poor: South African society’s biggest divide depends on where you think you fit in