Saldrupian on Jury at Public Defence of PhD at Ghent University

SALDRU’s Brendan Maughan-Brown on the extreme right and the capped Roxanne Beauclair in the centre of the group photo taken at Ghent University.

SALDRU’s senior researcher, Brendan Maughan-Brown who works on our iLink Project – Incentives for Linkage to HIV Treatment and Care – recently returned from Ghent University in Belgium where he was a jury member at the public defence of a PhD by Roxanne Beauclair.

Het Pand

Maughan-Brown acted as an external examiner at the defence of the PhD, which took place in the famous Het Pand, a restored Dominican monastery that is the culture and congress centre of Ghent University.

The title of Beauclair’s thesis, which she successfully defended on the 2nd of March 2018, is: “Age differences in sexual relationships and HIV transmission: Statistical analyses of bio-behavioural survey data from Southern Africa”.