Murray Leibbrandt: Understanding the Texture and Multidimensionality of Inequalities in South Africa

Speaking at a symposium on “Social Mobility and Inequality in South Africa” co-hosted by the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung South Africa Office, SALDRU’s director, Prof. Murray Leibbrandt talked about the texture and multidimensionality of inequalities in South Africa.

One of the critical challenges highlighted by Prof. Leibbrandt is intergenerational failure. In other words, the children of the poor are not doing better than their parents.

The challenges that the poor face are multidimensional, however, a major problem highlighted by Prof. Leibbrandt is the fact that the post-apartheid labour market is not working for the majority of South Africans.

Download Prof. Leibbrandt’s slide presentation (PDF). View the symposium’s programme (PDF).

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