SALDRU Hosts Annual General Meeting

Murray Leibbrandt addresses SALDRU’s Annual General Meeting on 8 August 2018

SALDRU hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 8 August 2018. Prof. Murray Leibbrandt presented the director’s report, followed by Tania Hendricks who provided an overview of the unit’s finances, and Fazila Farouk who talked about developments in SALDRU’s communications and knowledge management portfolio. This was followed by updates on projects hosted by SALDRU from project representatives.

In his director’s report, Leibbrandt talked about the research unit’s focus on inequality, highlighting SALDRU’s newest project that was launched in May 2018, the African Centre of Excellence for Inequality Research, which is hosted by SALDRU under the banner of the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA).

He also highlighted the work that SALDRU is doing to support the South African Council of Churches in the area of economic transformation under the SACC-led National People’s Convention of South Africa.

Leibbrandt took the opportunity to announce that he was going on sabbatical leave for a year starting in August 2018. While he is away, SALDRU’s deputy director, Prof. Vimal Ranchhod, will step into the role of acting director.