Murray Leibbrandt contributes to forum on inequalities and social cohesion in South Africa

Image: Alan Kyd/Flikr/cc

Duke University recently hosted a forum on “Inequalities and the Erosion of Social Cohesion in Post-Apartheid South Africa”. SALDRU’s Murray Leibbrandt was one of the presenters at the forum. Leibbrandt and Hiroyuki Hino presented on the broad number of factors that underpin low levels of social cohesion in South Africa, emphasizing that inequality, identity and trust are the three largest factors explaining social cohesion in South Africa. Discussants broadened the dialogue by bringing in the experience of other countries compared to South Africa – Charles Piot contrasted South Africa with Togo, and Ada Umenwalri presented on social inequalities in Nigeria and drew comparisons between Nigeria and South Africa. Read more.