SA needs policy shift on youth

SALDRU’s Ariane De Lannoy and Murray Leibbrandt co-authored an op-ed for the City Press on 16 June 2019 with Najwah Allie-Edries, Lauren Graham, Nilmini Herath and Shakira Maharaj*. The op-ed details examples of some of the many challenges that face NEET youth in South Africa and explains that the increasing prevalence of NEET youth has been attracting global research and policy attention. The authors explain how in this context and based on the approach of the EU “youth guarantee” programme which assists NEET youth, a local research consortium has been investigating what type of intervention can be designed to ensure that South Africa’s NEET young people are equally supported. The considerations of this approach and the project’s next steps are also discussed. Read the op-ed.

*De Lannoy is a chief researcher and Leibbrandt the director at SALDRU; Allie-Edries is the head of The Jobs Fund in the National Treasury; Graham is the Centre for Social Development in Africa director; Herath is a senior research manager at J-PAL Africa; and Maharaj is the DG Murray Trust innovation director.