Basic Package of Support for Youth receives additional funding through the Capacity Building Programme for Employment Promotion

Image: ar130405 on Pixabay.

Throughout 2019, the Basic Package of Support for Youth (BPS) team worked to complete the design and implementation plan of a comprehensive support package for young people in South Africa who are not in employment, education or training. Now, in 2020, with renewed support from the Capacity Building Programme for Employment Promotion, located in the Government Technical Advisory Centre, the team enters the preparatory stage to roll out pilot sites in several parts of the country at the beginning of 2021.

Work continues as a broad partnership with various stakeholders. One such partner, the DG Murray Trust, has committed to developing the various tools needed for a successful programme roll-out. Work on the BPS also continues in close collaboration with the multi-stakeholder team designing the National Pathway Management Network (NPMN) as part of the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention. The BPS project will coordinate its work with the key partners of the NPMN to ensure alignment of both programmes and to keep the experiences for young people as seamless as possible. This nested approach requires strong, cooperative and dynamic communities of practice – read more about this model in a BPS policy brief published recently.