Farewell to Emily Cupito

Emily Cupito joined SALDRU as a Policy Manager at J-PAL Africa in 2013, worked as Associate Director of Policy for J-PAL Africa from 2015-2018, and is currently Project Director for J-PAL Africa. She has worked with the team to support policy pilots and scale ups across Africa and to help governments use rigorous evidence to inform policy. She worked with the J-PAL team, Pratham and partners to help set up Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Africa, which is currently supporting the scale-up of an evidence-based education approach across the continent. In her role as Learning Director at TaRL Africa, she has led the creation of a Learning Agenda and has set up a Learning Team to lead ongoing research and learning as TaRL scales-up. In addition, Emily helped manage the creation of the Digital Identification and Finance Initiative for Africa (DigiFI Africa), which is designed to support governments in studying how to design reforms in digital ID and payments.

In August, Emily will join the St. Louis University Policy Research in Missouri Education (PRiME) Center as its Managing Director and will pursue a PhD in Education Policy and Equity. We congratulate Emily on this next step and wish her well! For future enquiries about TaRL please reach out to Ashleigh Morrell (amorrell@povertyactionlab.org), and for enquiries relating to  DigiFi please contact Nidhi Parekh (nparekh@povertyactionlab.org).