CVACS Wave 1 preliminary findings webinar

Image: Brendan Maughan-Brown presenting at the CVACS webinar.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Survey (CVACS) aims to collect high quality, timely information to inform the development of campaigns and programmes to improve COVID-19 vaccination uptake in South Africa. On 14 December 2021, preliminary findings from the CVACS Round 1 survey were released in a webinar. Though data collection for the first round of interviews was still underway, results based off of the approximately 2000 interviews first conducted were presented at this webinar. These preliminary results were made public as the CVACS team felt that they would nonetheless provide important insights for South African vaccine demand creators and policy makers, especially in light of the approaching festive season and the circulating Omicron variant which is driving high infection rates. Watch the webinar recording or view a Twitter thread on the webinar. The slides shared at the webinar are available on OpenSALDRU.