South African Modelling Community of Practice Conference

Image: Lukas on Pexels.

Muna Shifa presented at the Presidential Climate Commission’s South African Modelling Community of Practice Conference held in October 2023 in Cape Town. Her presentation focused on key analytical questions of equity and inequality. In particular, she highlighted the persistence and high levels of multiple dimensions of inequalities in South Africa, as well as the significance of having measures in place to address historic and ongoing inequities while embarking on a “Just Energy Transition” path.

Muna also took part in a panel discussion at the conference, titled “The Challenges of Social and Human Development Analysis”. The goal of the panel discussion was to discuss the limitations of heavy reliance on quantitative and technical modelling approaches to comprehend and address challenges concerning equity and human development. During the discussion it was emphasised that models are often simplified depictions of an aspect of reality; hence, adding qualitative studies is vital for a more comprehensive understanding of concerns of equity, human, and societal development.