Historical Publications

Given SALDRU’s almost 40-year history, the unit has built up an extensive body of research. The majority of this research, including working papers, links to journal articles, conference proceedings and briefs, is available in the openSALDRU Publications Repository. However, a number of older pieces of writing are available here.

Older SALDRU archive

Given the size of the research output generated within SALDRU, the older papers have been digitised and archived in UCT’s Digital Library.


When SALDRU reached its milestone 30th anniversary in 2004, it seemed appropriate to provide a brief record of events in the life of an institution established in the darkest days of apartheid, but still flourishing in democratic South Africa.

The SALDRU clippings collection, 1975-2000

Spanning the critical period at the end of apartheid, the SALDRU collection of clippings from 1975-2000 has proved to be an essential tool in assisting social scientists and academics to track South Africa, as well as broader southern Africa.