CVACS is the COVID-19 Vaccine Survey and aims to collect high quality, timely information to inform the development of campaigns and programmes to improve COVID-19 vaccination rates in South Africa.

Between November 2021 and March 2022, CVACS will conduct three rapid, longitudinal, phone-based surveys to understand public opinions and demand for COVID-19 vaccination in South Africa. SALDRU’s Brendan Maughan-Brown and Katherine Eyal  co-lead the project, with collaboration from Kim Ingle and Tim Brophy (SALDRU) and Alison Buttenheim of University of Pennsylvania. The project team will:

  • Engage with policy makers – through workshops and policy crowdsourcing  – to co-create questionnaires to answer the most urgent programme and policy questions.
  • Rapidly combine, summarize and share findings to ensure that campaigns and programmes are informed by real-time information.
  • Rapidly make the data freely and publicly available to maximise the project’s impact.

We would value your suggestions for CVACS questionnaire content, which can be made through the crowdsourcing platform (instructions are available here).

The CVACS study timeline:

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