Employment, Income Distribution and Inclusive Growth (REDI3x3)

The Research Project on Employment, Income Distribution and Inclusive Growth (REDI) ws a national research programme aimed at deepening understanding of the dynamics of employment, incomes and economic trends. By focusing on the interconnections between these three areas, the project seeks to contribute to policy reforms and development strategies that will address South Africa’s unemployment, inequality and poverty challenges.

The research project was designed to promote dialogue across disciplines and paradigms, and to forge a stronger engagement between research and policy making. By generating an independent, rich and nuanced knowledge base and expert network, it intends to contribute to coordinated, consistent and effective policies directed to these three critical problem areas.


The project seeks to advance an integrated response to unemployment, inequality and poverty, building on both South African research and experience and international evidence on the challenges of employment, growth and distribution, and associated policy options.

In developing a better understanding of growth and distribution dynamics, the project aims to bring together complementary and sometimes competing perspectives and methodologies – recognizing both the complexity and the interconnectedness of social and economic trends. The project seeks to articulate a multi-disciplinary framework for understanding these dynamics, and will provide opportunities for engagement between the research community, policy advisors and civil society stakeholders. Read more…


The project is a multi-year collaborative, independent research initiative funded by the National Treasury and managed by SALDRU in partnership with the Department of Economics of the University of the Free State. Collaboration with researchers at other universities and research entities and engagement with diverse perspectives on the project’s focus areas are key objectives of the initiative.

Guidance and oversight is provided by a Steering Committee including representatives from the academic and policy research communities and a number of government departments. The funding and governance arrangements provide for an arms-length relationship between the National Treasury (as project sponsor) and participating research teams. While contributing to the formulation of the project’s scope and research questions, the Steering Committee is not responsible for research processes or findings.


Project Director: Prof Murray Leibbrandt, Director of SALDRU, School of Economics, University of Cape Town

Project Research Coordinator: Prof Frederick Fourie, Research Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Free State

Project Administrator

Ms Haajirah Esau | haajirah.esau@uct.ac.za
(021) 650-2696

Steering Committee

Chairperson: Mr Andrew Donaldson, Deputy Director-General: Public Finance, National Treasury


  • Dr. Neva Makgetla, Deputy Director-General, Department of Economic Development
  • Mr Rudi Dicks, Director: NALEDI
  • Prof Dori Posel, University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • Prof Haroon Bhorat, University of Cape Town
  • Prof Murray Leibbrandt, University of Cape Town (ex officio)
  • Prof Frederick Fourie, University of the Free State (ex officio)

Visit the REDI 3×3 website.