Siyaphambili Post-school Research Group

Siyaphambili meaning ‘we are moving forward’, is a growing hub for post-schooling information and research in South Africa. The initiative aims to expand the base of empirical research on the profile and outcomes of learners who gain access to post school education and training (PSET) and those who do not. The research also focuses on building a better understanding of the transitions graduates from different socio-economic backgrounds and with different types of qualifications make as they exit their education and training, in order to highlight issues impacting on our capacity to meet the equity and high-level skills needs of the country. Siyaphambili is a sister project of the Siyaphumelela project, both of which are funded by the Kresge Foundation.

Principle investigators on the project, Nicola Branson and Vimal Ranchhod, are joined by post-doctoral fellow Jacqueline Mosomi, graduate associates Janneke Dlamini, and Emma Whitelaw, affiliate Judy Favish and research assistant Samantha Culligan.

Siyaphambili acknowledges funding received from:

  • The Kresge foundation, October 2017 to October 2020
  • The National Income Dynamics Study, 2019
  • DST‐NRF Centre of Excellence in Human Development
  • Centre for Higher Education 2020- 2021
  • The Spencer Foundation, August 2020 – July 2023

Browse a variety of journal articles, working papers, book chapters, briefs and other writings related to post-school education. View information about, and resources from, the Siyaphambili October 2020 Webinar Series.

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