Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr is an Associate Professor in the UCT School of Economics, where he has worked since 2020. Before this he worked for DataFirst for 9 years. His interests are in labour economics, survey methodology and transport economics. Andrew obtained DPhil and MPhil degrees in Economics from the University of Oxford and a BCom (Hons) and BSc from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Andrew has published journal articles in Labour Economics, Journal of African Economies, Economic Modelling, and the South African Journal of Economics. He is also one of the creators of the Post-Apartheid Labour Market Series (PALMS)- a set of harmonised labour market related surveys from 1993 2019. Andrew has worked for the World Bank as a consultant on several projects and has been involved in household survey fieldwork in Ghana and Tanzania, as well as being part of the sampling team for the NIDS-CRAM survey in 2020-2021.

Contact Details

Associate Professor
(+27) 021 650 4952