SALDRU/DataFirst short courses

SALDRU is involved in a series of short courses in conjunction with DataFirst. These courses are run in the beginning, mid and end of year university vacations at the University of Cape Town. Please contact Alison Siljeur for an up-to-date schedule of courses.

Econometrics Short Course

This course revises the statistical concepts relevant to regression analysis, covering both the theory as well as the practical implementation of these concepts.

Introduction to Stata

This course is designed for people who wish to attend the other courses in this programme, in particular ‘Complex Social Survey Data’ or

Measuring Consumption

This course tackles important topics in consumption theory including demand systems and Engel’s law. Students are taught how to operationalise consumption theory on

Measuring Economic Welfare

This course introduces students, researchers, and officials in state agencies to the key concepts in measuring income, expenditure, poverty and inequality. There is

Understanding Complex Social Survey Data

This is course targets postgraduate students (Masters and Ph.D.), researchers, and officials in state agencies wanting to analyse social surveys using Stata. Course

Understanding Panel Survey Data

The course introduces students to the techniques used in the analysis of “cross-sectional” panel data sets, such as the National Income Dynamics Study

Understanding the South African Labour Market

The course will introduce the theory of labour demand and supply, and discuss the role of education and human capital in wage determination